Friday, July 1, 2011

Turkey - Antalya

As the heart of the Turkish Riviera, Antalya has transformed from a bustling seaside town to a plush, resort ridden spot that is ideal as a Mediterranean break with a cultural twist. The region’s beaches are laden with turtles and scattered with sand so hot they are an effort to walk on. The clear water is ideal for snorkeling and day-trips out on old-school wooden cruise liners.

A small bay is 15 km away from olympos.. It is the most clean and beautiful beach in Antalya. There are about 20 pansion and hotels in this bay. Some of them is bungolows. No disco no club.. Only a beautiful sea.
Sand Museum - Kum Müze
In this museum (I would not really call it this) they have build different creatures from myths around the world. Very nice to look at, not too expenisve (ca. $ 4)and worth a look, especially if you are already on the beach anyways. they are open at night as well.

The old quarter is resplendent with minarets and mosques, as well as being home to an ancient Roman Theater and surrounded by the crumbling walls of the old city. The ornate city wall gates are well worth exploring, as are the back street experiences, like delving in amongst the thin, winding streets or shopping for gently flavored Turkish delight on the busting market stalls.


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