Monday, July 4, 2011

South Korea - Seoul

The city of Kimchi (fermented cabbage) and Soju (cheap, toxic potato liquor), Seoul is manically fast-paced, yet home to some of the most tranquil temples and palaces you’ll ever see. It’s modern, yet sprinkled with sites that date back thousands of years; conservative, yet home to an every-night-of-the-week party culture.

Seodaemun Prison
Was designed by a Japanese Architect and was constructed in 1908. The Japanese ran this prison to oppress Korean patriots who fought against the Japanese invasion for sovereign independence. Seodaemun Prison is the symbolic site of Korean independence movement and a symbol Japanese cruelty. More than 40.000 independence fighters were imprisoned and tortured here, and died for the country.
63 Building
if you will visit during the week days it'll be nice and quite. you can find there not only great views but also art gallery, aquarium, wax museum and imax, you can buy ticket for one or all the attractions they are all similar price and all worth seeing. i would avoid this place on weekends and holidays, it gets very crowded.

Ice Museum
This is a tiny museum tucked away in Insadong (seoul) near Anguk station. You can walk around the freezer and see different ice sculptures and an entire house made from ice, complete with a toilet and bathtub!! They have mini ice models of the Eiffel tower, Leaning tower of Pisa and a Korean gate.
Namsangol Hanok Village
Five traditional Hanok homes were moved from throughout Seoul to this destination. Furniture and mannequins in the traditional dress are shown in the different houses and represent the status of the tenants. You can get your picture taken in traditional clothing (3,000 won), activities for kids (such as fan painting) and on the weekends they host a variety of performances. Neat to see, especially since it's free.


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