Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chile - Santiago

Santiago is often quite a smoggy capital. And in a setting like this, it genuinely is really sad, as when the Chilean capital is having a bright day there are few more spectacular locations for a city in the entire world. Encircled by mighty snow-capped Andean peaks, on the rare days when the smog clears it feels like the city’s been magically lifted high into the stars.

La Chascona 
 Informative in-depth tour to Pablo Neruda's life, a look that goes well beyond the walls of this mansion-like house that Neruda built for his mistress Matilde Urrutia. The place, built to resemble a boat as Neruda loved the sea but he also had a great fear of her, is also built on various levels, with small and big rooms, beautiful balconies overlooking Bellavista and Santiago and rooms that are far away from the main house creating the illusion of a complex of bungalows.
Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino
For US $6 (3.000 pesos) you can get into the most famous museum of Santiago. It is full of artifacts in great condition with good explanations in Spanish and English. In addition to the permanent exhibit on the second floor of the museum, there are always temporary exhibits on the first floor. If you're in Santiago try to stop by the museum for a few hours.

Pueblito los Dominicos
If you like to bring home traditional gifts that reflect the local culture. Pueblito los Dominicos is a small artisan shopping village on the outskirts of Santiago that offers many small shops that carry these types of items. Set on the grounds of an old church and highlighted by the Andes Mountains in the background, this is great place to kill a few hours and get those hard-to-find local gifts to bring home for you family and friends. There are some small cafes that actually have some decent food.


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